David Byng

David Byng has over 25 years of experience in the natural resource sector and proven success in acquisitions of major forest tenures, corporate restructuring and effectively leading through organization change.   David has experience working with First Nations having work with the Haida Nation supporting the acquisition of Tree Farm Licence 60, West Coast Resorts and Seapak QCI Processing.  As a senior manager for Haida Enterprise Corporation, he helped with the start-up of the forestry and tourism companies for the Nation.   Prior to working with the Haida, David was involved in the share purchase and subsequent integration of Cascadia Forest Products (formally Weyerhaeuser public lands) and purchase of Canfor’s coastal division by Western Forest Products.      

David’s experience is wide ranging having been involved in many aspects of the forest industry.  From inventory and analysis, IT, property management, procurement, finance, manufacturing and sales, David has utilized his experience and has demonstrated success in directing and implementing innovative strategies enabling immediate economic and organizational improvements.