Our Team

The C3 Alliance Corp. team is comprised of both skilled management and staff as well as a group of talented associates. The Team collectively has decades of experience in creating successful, mutually beneficial relationships between Indigenous Peoples, the resource sector and governments. These relationships have a foundation of trust and respect and a shared commitment to create benefits for all involved.

Management & Staff

Sarah Weber, P. Geo., MBA
Claire Perusse, B.A., MA
Kelly Anne Caulfield
Melissa McRitchie
Nicole Vanderfleet
Amrita Budhwar


David Byng
Michael Cunningham, M.Sc., Ph.D., P. Geo
Justin Himmelright, R.P. Bio., M. Eng.
Martin Livingston


Dan M. Jepsen, RPF
David A. Caulfield, B.Sc., P. Geo.
Geoff Freer


Philip “Jerry” Asp, Co-Founder, C3 Alliance Corp.
Dan M. Jepsen, RPF
Donald McInnes
David A. Caulfield, B.Sc., P. Geo.
Henry Awmack, BASc., P.Eng.
Dave Lefebure, Ph.D., P. Geo.
Geoff Freer
Rick Rule
Paul Van Eeden