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NEWS RELEASE : Retirement of Co-Founder and President, Philip Jerry Asp  REPORT: British Columbia – Global Investors 2014  INTERVIEW: Jerry Asp in the “Global Investors Guide 2014  REPORT : Let’s Talk Mining workshop held at Minerals North 2014  REPORT : Let’s Talk Mining workshop held at the 2014 KEG conference    C3 authored several success stories case studies for the Aboriginal Business and Investment Council. The case studies are listed below.  Please note: The following success stories are based on interviews with representatives of First Nations and Industry.  Any views or opinions expressed are solely those of the people interviewed and do not necessarily represent those of the Provincial Government, or the members of the Aboriginal Business and Investment Council. 

GUIDE: Pronunciations for B.C. First Nations  REPORT: To the Prime Minister, Forging Partnerships, Building Relationships (Aboriginal Canadians and Energy Development)  REPORT: From the Fraser Institute, Opportunities for First Nation Prosperity through Oil and Gas Development. 

REPORT: From the Fraser Institute, Divergent Mineral Rights Regimes: A Natural Experiment in Canada and the United States Yields Lessons. 

REPORT:  On Let’s Talk Mining presentations at BC First Nations Energy and Mining Council Mining Workshops.  CONFERENCE: Calgary Chamber’s Aboriginal Business Connection Series 2.  REPORT: C3′s Let’s Talk Mining for the ?Esdilagh First Nation.  HANDBOOK : For Aboriginal Community Engagement.  GUIDE:  For Aboriginal Mining  ARCHIVE: Natural Resources Canada’s on Aboriginal involvement in exploration and mining.  GUIDE:  Exploration and Mining for Aboriginal Communities.  ANNUAL REPORT, 2010-2011 [LINK TO 4.1.13]: The Yukon Mine Training Association  REPORT [LINK TO 4.1.14]: Free, Prior, and Informed Consent by the Boreal Leadership Council.  ESSAY [LINK TO 4.1.15]: I Want to Eat Caribou Before I Die, presentation by West Moberly First Nations.  HANDBOOK [LINK TO 4.1.16]:AHP – CII – UK Going the Right Way, Creating Lasting Change in First Nation Communities.  REPORT: Building Authentic Partnerships – Aboriginal Participation in Major Resource Development Projects